The Spring-time around our Islip United Methodist Church has been very special as God’s Spirit of good has enriched us in everything we have done. So, praise God and thank you to everyone who helped make Spring 2019 such a beautiful season.

Our last minute decision to hold our annual garage sale was an overwhelming financial and social success. We were able to raise over $1,000 on donated items and sale of hot dogs and soda. We had plenty of volunteers making it a pleasure to be around so many fellow Islip United Methodist Church people.

A big thank you to Julie Henriksen and Georgia Kalivas for organizing our first Women’s Tea Party. I was personally overwhelmed at the turn out and enjoyment that the women had on this pre-Mother’s Day celebration. I totally enjoyed volunteering to work in the kitchen sampling all the homemade food that was served. I also had fun learning how to operate our dish washer! Julie and Georgia, thank you! By the way, the Tea raised $1,005 for our Habitat for Humanity Mission project!

On May 18th, Long Island East District held a Mission Walk at Heckscher State Park, East Islip. Over 200 people attended the event - 25 people from our Islip UMC. This was another wonderful social event with an outdoor worship service, a lot of fun during the walk around the park and then a BBQ luncheon. Praise God for a beautiful Spring day to enjoy outdoors.

Our church also celebrated the election of our own Fred Dymek, as the co-Lay Leader of Long Island East District. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time in our 209 year church history that we had someone serve in that capacity on a district level. Congratulations, Fred. We are so proud of Fred and his leadership.

What a joy to officiate the wedding of Dan Mc Alipin and Mary Ellen Soules. They were married in our sanctuary on Saturday, May 18th, amongst family and friends . Please join me in wishing Dan and Mary Ellen a life time of love, happiness, and good health. Congratulations, Danny and Mary Ellen.

I also had the pleasure of baptizing Marge Punk’s great grandson, Damian Charles Jackson, during our May 19th service.

June 2nd will be Confirmation Sunday. We will be celebrating the confirmation of three of our young members, William Gunnerson, Dylan McKenna and James Swindells. I have enjoyed my time with some great Christians.

In everything we do, we continue to grow closer to the God who loves us and longs to work through us. In everything we do, we do to love our neighbor. We believe in the God of love and “They Will Know We are Christians by Our Love.”

Yours in the Love of Christ,

Pastor Douglas Madlon

Pastor Douglas Madlon - Far Right