A while ago a survey indicated the reasons people gave for attending and becoming members of a church:

Five percent said they just walked in. Five percent joined because of the particular clergyman or woman. Five percent came because of an advertised program. Four percent came because of a personal crisis or need. Eighty-one percent began to come because of the invitation from a friend or relative.

I would like May to be “invite a neighbor, friend or relative to church” month. Just think, if everyone invited someone to church and they fell in love with our church family and became active members, our sanctuary would be filled to capacity every Sunday! We also need to invite our neighbors, family and friends to bring their children to Sunday School. The Islip United Methodist Church offers an outstanding Sunday School program for our children. Remember, children need to be nurtured in the faith. A Church school education is as important as reading, writing and arithmetic.

And the most exciting thing is that it is our job to do the inviting. There isn’t a single person in our church who hasn’t invited someone to something. We all have invited people to our house for dinner. We have invited people to birthday parties, graduation parties, bar-b-ques, family gatherings. We all do inviting all the time. Except we do not do very well in inviting people to the place where they will hear the message “Follow Me.”

In the Gospel, Jesus said to the people over and over and over again, “Follow Me.” Jesus said it to people who were not all that different from us 21st Century Christians. If you read the Gospel passage from Luke 9:51-62, you will find that a number of the people who Jesus invited to follow him had a lot of pressures and responsibilities in their lives just like you and I. They were busy with family, and with work, and with all the chaos, all the pressure and all the demands that are placed upon us.

Yes, we have a church full of wonderful, God-loving people. Share the joy of being a member of our Church family by inviting someone to join our fellowship. Enjoy the spring of 2019. I hope you are getting plenty of spring fun, rest and relaxation!

May God bless you and your family.

Yours in the Love of Christ,

Pastor Douglas Madlon

Pastor Douglas Madlon - Far Right